PVC covers can be supplied in a wide range of colours and sizes with accessories such as viewing hatches, zips and Velcro flaps. 

pvc rollcage zip cover

The covers can also be personalised with corporate logos or text for identification. Please see some of the applications below. Special covers can be designed and manufactured to cover almost any item. PVC roll cage doors are designed to secure goods in transit, reducing damaged goods in many environments, such as food distribution, hospitals or schools. Available in a wide range of material and colours.

PVC cover colours

Replace the expense, wasted time and cost of disposing shrink wrap and enable easy access to your goods; closing and opening the doors take seconds. The roll cage doors can either be full height, or split in two and are made from durable, heavy duty PVC that can be easily wiped clean

two colours pvc skirts for rollcages

Machinery Covers

Bespoke designs for the protection and easier identification of machines and equipment with viewing ports and access flaps where needed. The covers can also be printed with contact details should the equipment break down.

machinery pvc covers

Forklift Truck Covers

The heavy-duty covers will fit all makes and models up to 3.5 tonnes, ideal if your truck is waiting on parts in the workshop. The cover comes with a welded on sleeve for documents and truck details so you can easily identify the truck.

forklift cover

These covers will allow you to put truck outside to make space in the workshop and it will be protected from the weather. Also ideal for transportation and helps to protect the forklift truck in transit.

forklift cover close up

Trailer Covers

The trailer covers are designed to protect goods from the elements when being transported. They are lightweight and will keep the contents hidden to prevent theft and damage.

trailer covers

Generator Covers

The generator covers are designed to ensure your generators keep running, regardless of weather conditions or the environment that they are used in. With custom ports / flaps for exhaust or cabling requirements the generators can be used in a wide range of locations.

generator covers

Laundry Liners / Covers

PVC laundry liners / covers are designed to transport and protect clean laundry as well as covering dirty laundry in hospital environments, care homes, hotels and holiday parks. These covers can also be wiped clean quickly and easily and adapt roll cages into laundry trolleys.

roll cage laundry trolley

Catering Trolley Covers

Keep trays of food warm and dry or just hide the dirty dishes until you are in the kitchen.
These covers can be supplied to suit all catering trolleys available in the UK.

tray trolley covers

These are just a few examples of PVC covers and packaging that could help your company and if you think that you might have an application then please contact us for prices or further information.


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