Warning Signs

Warning Signs

Warning Signs are displayed to advise and forewarn of potential dangers. The signs’ supplementary text should always include one of three words:-

Danger: High level risk that could result in death or serious injury. This keyword should be limited to the most extreme hazard cases.
Warning: Medium level risk that could result in minor or moderate injury.
Caution: Low level risk which could lead to minor injury.

These signs should include a yellow triangle with black border containing a warning symbol conforming to ISO 7010.

Including Asbestos, Catering, Electric, Explosive Atmosphere, Harmful Substance, Industrial Vehicle, Overhead and Access, Site Safety, Surface Safety. As well as Labels, Tags, Warning Cones, Posts, Chains and Barriers.

With so many signs to choose from please do get in contact if you can’t find what you’re looking for and we shall point you in the right direction.