Spill Control

Spill Control

Our Spill Control products are always a must in any busy work environment where spills could be a serious problem.

We have individual packs of Absorbent Pads and Socks and we also have out Spill Control Kits, which contain both the Pads and Socks and they can also contain Trays, Disposable Bags and Ties, Gloves and even Warning Tape.

Perfect for absorbing oil, water, coolant and common workshop fluids.

Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment encompassing a wide range of safety products and high quality workwear.

We pride ourselves on providing good quality PPE from footwear to helmets, protecting our customers with superior durability and improved comfort.

Our warehouse has significant stockholding and the in-house embroidery and badging facility ensures that we can be the one stop shop for safety and workwear supplies.