Electrically Conductive Wheels

Electrically Conductive Wheels

Electrically Conductive Wheels are designed for more specific applications as we also offer the anti-static wheels again for ESD applications and to protect SSD’s against damage.

The wheels are marked with the yellow dot for easier recognition.

• Wheel Diameter from 50mm up to 200mm
• Plain, roller and ball bearing options
• Conductivity resistance up to R≤ 10000 ohm
• Load ranges from 50kg up to 520kg per wheel.

Please do get in contact if you can’t find what your looking for and we can quote you accordingly or point you in the right direction on the online shop.

If you could let us know the the type of wheel either swivel, swivel braked or fixed. The diameter of the wheel. The capacity and what you’re looking to use the wheel or castor for, along with the quantity that you’re after.

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