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Castors for Jacking and Gates, Institutional Light Duty, Twin Wheel Institutional light duty, Pressed Steel Medium Duty, Stainless Steel, High Temperature Stainless Steel, High Temperature Zinc Plated, Fabricated Heavy Duty, Twin Wheel Heavy Duty, Pneumatic & Puncture Proof and Scenery Skates and Ezeelift Lifting System.

Top plates with four bolt holes spread the load over the swivel head and are the commonest fixing. Single bolt hole with a fastener through the centre of the swivel head are limited to loads up to 320 kilogrammes. Bolt hole castors can be fitted with threaded stems and round or square expanding sockets to fit into tubes.

Please do get in contact if you can’t find what your looking for and we can quote you accordingly or point you in the right direction on the online shop.

If you could let us know the the type of wheel either swivel, swivel braked or fixed. The diameter of the wheel. The capacity and what you’re looking to use the wheel or castor for, along with the quantity that you’re after.

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