Pneumatic wheels provide a cushioned ride for sack trucks, trolleys and platforms, making them ideal for rough ground. These pneumatic wheels have plastic centres, and we also have pneumatic wheels with steel centres, along with the online shop open 24 hours a day. 

Black pneumatic tyre on either polypropylene or welded-steel rim. With a wheel diameter range of 200 to 400 mm and load capacity range of 75 to 350 kg. As with all our wheels, these can be used on your axles or to replace worn wheels in existing castors and supplied in a wide range of castor brackets depending on your requirements.


Pneumatic wheels with plastic centres

Black pneumatic tyre on red polypropylene rim.

Available with ribbed or diamond pattern tread.


  • WHEEL DIAMETER RANGE: 200 to 400 mm
  • LOAD CAPACITY RANGE: 75 to 200 kg


  • Ribbed Pattern Tyres
  • Diamond Pattern Tyres  

Pneumatic 300 mm Ball Bearing Wheel 250 kg Load

Black pneumatic tyre on red steel centre rim with ball bearings. Fitted with a 4 ply 4.00/4 diamond tread patterned tyre. Wheel diameter 270 mm, tread width 90 mm, hub width 65 mm, bore 20 mm.

Load capacity 250 kg at 4KPH, REACH COMPLIANT. Not recommended for foam filling, consider the puncture proof range.

For non-towing applications, please note we manufacture to order, and therefore a 24-hour delivery may not be possible.


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