The workplace and the way we work are constantly evolving. We are continually required to create new spaces within existing environments, with an increasing demand on flexibility. To meet this demand, the nautilus acoustic alcoves and pods were taken from a client brief which required a freestanding, acoustic, fabric covered furniture solution.

The handcrafted nature of the manufacturing allows any shape or size to be created, leaving no limitation to the product, only your imagination. This flexibility is embedded within the product in all forms including height, width, depth, footprint, shape, layers, fabrics, accessories and uses, all of which can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Nautilus panels are 55 mm thick and acoustically tested with a 30 dB noise reduction rating, ensuring that privacy is maintained where specified. Nautilus panel height options follow recommendations set out in BSEN1023 part 1 and Nautilus is tested and certified to BSEN1023 parts 2 and 3. Nautilus is quick and easy to install, virtually tool-free with most models being suitable for a one-person build in less than 1 hour. This flexibility gives the user fast relocation within a product that does not require building regulations to be sanctioned.

The flexibility within Nautilus allows inviting areas to be created which can be designed to work in conjunction with existing office furniture, resulting in employees having access to their optimal environment for working.

With this in mind we have categorised Nautilus into 3 product solution types, SOLO, TEAM and WALL.

To stimulate your imagination, we have produced 90 standard options within these solution types. These options are a starting point, as flexibility is paramount, please specify them as they are or show us what you would like to see instead.

Warranty - Nautilus provides a 5-year guarantee against defects, providing that the product has only been subjected to normal wear and tear and has not been misused or abused. Fabrics are excluded, please see manufacturer for their guarantee.

Flexibility - Nautilus can be manufactured to any shape or size, allowing you full adaptability. The options shown here are examples of what can be created.

Modular - Nautilus can be manufactured as Nautilus Modular, which provides the same type of solution but manufactured from 5 standardised pieces, which allows for the re-configuration for future use. Please note with this solution the sizes shown will change.

Acoustic - Nautilus panels are acoustically tested and rated at 30 dB noise reduction. The panels achieve this with an internal layer of sound absorbing foam. Certificate No. 22913 T01.

Lighting - Nautilus panels and lids can be fitted with a range of lighting solutions to enhance working areas. All cabling is hidden within the product and terminates at floor level.

Power - Nautilus panels can be fitted with a range of power and charge solutions to enhance working areas. As with the lighting, all cabling is hidden within the product and terminates at floor level.

Nautilus panels can be manufactured in two style options.
Option 1 has the same fabric on each panel face.
Option 2 has different fabrics on each panel face.

Option 1 results in the end of each panel having a wrap around effect with an inset top cap.
nautilus option 1Option 2 results in the end and top of each panel having an exposed cap.
nautilus option 2

Solo Nautilus Pods

solo nautilus pod

The majority of work space is still dedicated to independent working. Providing privacy and a space to work for their staff is paramount for most employers.

Improving individual spaces with contemporary design, including warmth, colour and a calming place to focus, is becoming more important.
Sound reduction is demanded to aid concentration and reduce disruption, in turn helping to improve efficiency and accuracy.
Ensuring these individual spaces are flexible in their design, to incorporate short term desking needs (hot desking) is also crucial.
Nautilus can fulfil all of these requirements using a variety of solutions.

Suitable for a single person or a call centre environment.
solo nautilus pod 2 person

Team Nautilus Pods

nautilus team alcove semi circular

More frequently, individual work space is being reallocated for use as collaborative space, places to work, meet or socialise with colleagues.
To contend with this demand, employers are looking for flexible furniture solutions that provide modern aesthetics with integrated communication and media connectivity, which encourage group collaboration.

Spaces for team work, briefings, and impromptu meetings allow staff to reach their full creative potential, communicate successfully with their co-workers and be inspired by their working environment.

By using curved forms to break away from rigid office environments, you provide inviting spaces to share ideas.
By creating these rooms-within-rooms, movement is encouraged, and a chance to get away from your usual working desk can lead to improved results.
Nautilus can fulfil all of these requirements using a variety of solutions.

team pod totally enclosed and circular

Offering the same quality and flexibility as the Solo range, the Team range can be a totally contained team space.

Wall Nautilus Screens

nautilus wall of screens

All work space needs segregation to one degree or another.
Providing identity to areas designated to different types of working or departmental boundaries can be important.
Likewise, provision for resource isolation, which can be disruptive to staff, must be considered.
To contend with this demand employers are looking for flexible furniture solutions that provide modern aesthetics with sound reduction that can shield space for shared resources;

Printers, technical libraries, refreshments, storage etc.

A well-planned office can create division between working areas efficiently, enhancing the workplace.
Nautilus can fulfil all of these requirements using a variety of solutions.

nautilus acoustic wall screen

Nautilus Accessories

nautilus fixed and mobile storage

  • Nautilus panels create walls, divide space and provide privacy.
  • Why not add value to the space created using our flexible range of accessories.
  • Seating and table units can be added to collaborative spaces.
  • Desktops can be added to individual working areas.
  • Lids can be added to some models to provide further privacy.
  • A variety of lighting can be added to your specification.
  • Hang over accessories will provide function, and why not use Nautilus desk mounted or storage panels to provide consistency.

nautilus acoustic phone booths

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