Narrow Aisle Mobile Safety Steps designed for narrow aisles in warehouses and picking areas where the steps have to manoeuvre in-between shelving and racking. Spring-loaded castors are fitted to provide the braking mechanism when someone steps onto the Narrow Aisle Mobile Safety Steps. Available with non-slip metal and PVC treads.

Manufactured in the UK to all relevant European and British safety standards, these narrow aisle steps will not let you down and provide years of service.

KNA Narrow Aisle Mobile Safety Steps

KNA05 narrow aisle steps

The narrow aisle pro range is a very popular option where you have very little space available to you.

A great option for use in archives, warehouses between aisle racking and office environments.

It comes with many colours, tread types and exit options to choose from.

  • Platform height between 500 – 2000 mm

  • Tread size 450 (w) x 200 (D) mm

  • Platform size 450 (w) x 400 (D) mm

This range comes fully welded and ready to use.

Tread Type

Come as standard with a Punched Metal tread.

However, both PVC Covered and Rubber Covered treads are also available at no additional cost.

Just let us know when ordering/enquirying.




Platform Height


Overall Dimensions

(Height x Width x Length)



Brake Type



500 mm

1500-2250 mm

1500 x 590 x 735 mm 

11 kg

300 kg

Plunger Castors



750 mm

1750-2500 mm

1750 x 590 x 735 mm

19 kg

300 kg

Plunger Castors



1000 mm

2000-2750 mm

2000 × 590 x 920 mm

27 kg

300 kg

Plunger Castors



1250 mm

2250-3000 mm

2250 x 630 x 1150 mm

36 kg

300 kg

Central Brake



1500 mm

2500-3250 mm

2500 x 630 x 1360 mm

50 kg

300 kg

Central Brake



1750 mm

2750-3500 mm

2750 x 630 x 1510 mm

51 kg

300 kg

Central Brake



2000 mm

3000-3750 mm

3000 x 630 x 1580 mm

54 kg

300 kg

Central Brake

Prices include delivery to Zone 1 – England and Wales.

If delivery is to outside this area, please email in with the delivery postcode and we can raise a quotation for you.

Additional Information

Working Height – This is shown as a general guide between waist height and just above the shoulders of the average person, approximately 750 mm range.

Overall Width – The main framework of the step is 500 mm wide; the overall width shown is taken at the widest point, the axle, at the rear of the step.

Platform Size – 450 mm x 400 mm deep – this can be extended.

Kick Plate – All sizes in this range have rear toe plate, with 7–8 treads having toe plate to all three sides of the platform.

Packing Information – When your step arrives with you, it will be fully assembled. It will have a small amount of foam protection on the top pulpit rail.

Lead Time: 10 weeks.

Download the Narrow Aisle Mobile Steps Leaflet

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