Optimising workstation functionality may prove difficult without well-chosen accessories that increase usability. When a workstation is well-planned and well-equipped, workflow becomes easier and more efficient, improving ergonomics and making it easier to keep tools in place.

Modular Workbench – TPH Series 

Treston modular workbenches.

The classically designed TP workbench is the ideal basic bench, the simplest and the most cost-effective option in our range of workbenches. TP workbenches are standard benches that are suitable for a broad range of tasks and environments when fitted with accessories: testing, packing, repairing, inspecting.

TP bench is guaranteed for regular use with loads up to 300 kg. Designed for use in today’s production and assembly environments, this definitive modular system, developed over more than 35 years, provides a high quality working environment. Customise your workstation to your requirements.

Stepless height adjustment

The height of workbenches in our TP range can be sleeplessly adjusted from 650 to 900 mm, which makes these benches suitable for work while sitting or standing. Packing is a typical example of work where the workbench height must be set correctly for the height of the user. 

The TPH workbench already includes a pair of uprights and one shelf; composing our best-selling workstation set. It has its range of accessories, also in stock, and covering the essential, basic needs of any professional workstation.

  • Height adjustment with Allen-key between 650-900 mm.
  • Workbench with upright profiles and a laminate shelf, height adjustment between 1080-1550 mm,
  • load capacity 50 kg. Construction the same as the TP model.

tph workbenches with lights and louvre storage

Modular Treston Workbench Features


What makes the Treston TPH workbench exceptional is its capability to accept accessories and extensions also after the bench has been put together and been in use. An upper shelf comes a standard accessory with every TPH workbench. There is a range of workbench accessories available which are easy to attach, and they enable you to build a workbench you like


Treston's TPH workbench can be a standalone bench, but it can also have extensions attached to it. There are two types of extensions available. One extension type is a corner extension (K). K extensions enable workbenches to be made into an L shape thus giving more working space within easy reach of the operator. Another extension is a corner workbench (KK) that allows the creation of a U shaped (horse shoe) layout thus creating even more workspace for an operator than with a K extension.


Treston TPH series workbenches can take weight loads of up to 300 kg and can last for decades of tough use. Some of our long-standing clients still have this type of workbench in use, even though they have been bought in the 1970s. This kind of durability is achieved by using 25 mm thick laminated particleboard with ABS finished edges as a worktop, and a frame made of 1.5-2.0 mm thick square steel tube with epoxy powder finish.

Height adjustable

What is special about the workbench is its height adjustability that comes as a standard feature. The adjustment is easily made with an Allen key and the worktop can be set anywhere between 650 mm and 900 mm on a sliding scale.


Accessories For Modular Workbench TPH

Treston Modular Workbench Accessories

It is possible to add a number of accessories to every Treston TPH workbench. Electric trunking gives an operator power sockets within easy reach, and drawer cabinets give the ability to store components, tools and documents. Keyboard holder and CPU holder can hide bulky computer equipment under the workbench and out of the operator’s way. Extra metal shelf or bin rail offers an opportunity to add shelf bins to store parts. An Auxiliary shelf gives more space for items above the work surface. With a perforated panel, it is possible to attach hooks in front of the operator to hang tools on. The operator can also place his tools and parts on a tray attached to a swivel arm and wave it aside. A Tool support bar high above the workbench allows tools to be hanged on it for pulling them closer when needed. And an overhead light improves the operator’s work efficiency enormously.


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Product Code Description
TPH707KK TPH corner workbench 1100x1100
TPH707KK ESD TPH corner workbench ESD 1100x1100
TPH712 TPH workbench 1200x700
TPH712 ESD TPH workbench ESD 1200x700
TPH715 TPH workbench 1500x700
TPH715 ESD TPH workbench ESD 1500x700
TPH718 TPH workbench 1800x700
TPH718 ESD TPH workbench ESD 1800x700
TPH909KK TPH corner workbench 1300x1300
TPH909KK ESD TPH corner workbench ESD 1300x1300
TPH915 TPH workbench 1500x900
TPH915 ESD TPH workbench ESD 1500x900
TPH918 TPH workbench 1800x900
TPH918 ESD TPH workbench ESD 1800x900
TPHCT120 Cable tidy TPHCT ESD 1115x45
TPHCT150 Cable tidy TPHCT ESD 1415x45
TPHCT180 Cable tidy TPHCT ESD 1715x45
TPK10-49 TPK accessory frame for TP 1000, 1xM900 and 1xM100
TPK12-49 TPK accessory frame for TP 1200
TPK15-49 TPK accessory frame for TP 1500
TPK18-49 TPK accessory frame for TP 1800

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