Industrial lighting for security, safety and night work applications with the latest in LED technology providing maximum illumination that turns night into day.

lighting for working at night safely

The extensive range of portable lighting products including searchlights, floodlights, hazard lights, flashlights, tactical torches, head-torches, bike lights and safety approved lights.

inspection torches

Used by rescue and police services across the country where the mobility and strength of light is essential in providing the optimum working conditions in any lighting conditions.

panther led torches as used by the metroplitan police

These models are our most powerful LED searchlights, providing an incredible 1500 lumens light output from the efficient high powered Cree® LEDs. Used by Police Forces, Military, Search & Rescue teams, Coastguard, Railways and Utility companies.

Pulsar LED Hazard lights

Pulsar led lights for emergency lighting for manhole covers

These multi-mode rechargeable, LED warning lights can be supplied as a single unit or a set of 6, available in 5 different colour options and Infra-red.

Designed for hazard awareness or signalling they are compact and robust (withstanding most vehicle weights without being crushed).

As these are magnetic they can be attached to vehicles or other steel surfaces. Charged as a set within their case or direct to unit for a single option.

They can operate for up to 60 hours dependant on chosen mode.

pulsar led lighting for night work

  • Rechargeable
  • 360° illumination
  • 9 modes including: flashing, rotating, single blink, quad flash, SOS and more
  • Visible for a distance of 10 kilometres
  • Operating for up to 60 hours per charge
  • Charged directly in their storage case by using either AC or
  • DC chargers
  • Shock resistant housing, able to withstand most vehicle weights
  • Waterproof pods can be submerged to a depth of 1 metre
  • Magnetic base
  • Available in: yellow, blue, green, red, white and Infrared (IR wavelength 84nm)

Solaris Range

solaris site illumination

The SOLARIS RANGE continues to lead the way in innovative portable LED floodlighting. Each unit can be tailored to fit your requirements, however demanding the specification. The increase in case styles, battery types and optics make this range by far the most adaptable units available on the market.

The SOLARIS RANGE offers the perfect balance of flood and distance, whilst eliminating glare, giving a cool running shadow-free white light.

The SOLARIS RANGE truly is the best replacement for generator powered halogen as they are fully portable, emit no noise or pollution and run cool making them safe for confined spaces. All units can be fully assembled in seconds.

Solarislite site illumination


Is designed for temporary floodlighting large areas such as sporting applications; eight units will illuminate a 60x40m area ideal for training and coaching.

This can be easily set up in under 2 minutes and used anywhere.  The lightweight aluminium tripod has double extending safety locking sections that can be secondarily secured using the attached locking pins.

The tripod locks into the powerpack utilising the weight of the powerpack to give stability to the light and tripod.

Lightweight, easy to carry/transport & store. Quick and easy to assemble and of robust weatherproof construction, also suitable for emergency services, military and construction sites.


Hazard and Protection Signs Shop

Hazard and Protection Signs Shop

Internationally recognized (GHS) symbols. As well as the requirements specific to their transportation, suppliers of dangerous goods are required by law to label their hazardous products and packaged chemicals with hazard symbols, warnings and safety advice.

Placard holder 700 x 400mm

Placard holder 700 x 400mm


Deflektor rack protector

Deflektor rack protector


Impact protection trapeze 40/80/8 push on

Impact protection trapeze 40/80/8 push on


Design your own hazchem placard alu

Design your own hazchem placard alu


Impact protection rectangle 60/20 self adhesive

Impact protection rectangle 60/20 self adhesive


2XE multi cylinder storage placard alu

2XE multi cylinder storage placard alu


2WE multi cylinder storage placard alu

2WE multi cylinder storage placard alu


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