Designed for military use in the 1930s, the Jerrycan, jerrican, or Jerry Can is one of the most popular containers for carrying liquid. The new HDPE ones on this page have been UN rated for transporting dangerous liquids, group 2 and 3.

The UN rated Jerrycans are available in 3 capacities. 6, 12.5 and 30 litres. Available in pallet quantities only.


  • Stackable plastic jerrycans
  • Extrusion blown high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Squeezed carry handle
  • Interlock between the upper and bottom parts
  • Optimized for emptying

30 Litres UN Jerrycan

30 litre un jerrycan

Technical Data

Measurements in mm and KG and litres
6 Litres 12.5 Litres 30 Litres
Length 192 232 380
Width 152 192 280
Shoulder Height 282 351 393
Total Height 290 361 400
Brimful volume 6.7 litres 12.5 litres 34 litres
Neck opening 44 mm diameter 47 mm diameter
Label area 180/120 200/160 180/280
Weight 0.3 .52 1.75
Maximum stacking height 4 layers 3 layers 2 layers
Maximum stacking weight 20 KG at 20 Deg.C 30 KG at 20 Deg.C 65 KG at 20 Deg.C

12.5 Litres UN Jerrycan

12.5 litre un jerrycan

UN Certifications

Containers marked with UN certification are produced to the BAM dangerous goods rules. For the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with international transport regulations, ADR (by road), RID (by rail), IMDG (by sea) and IATA (by air).

The permissible period of use for jerrycans made of plastic according to ADR is usually 5 years from the date of production. However, depending on the material filled, a shorter period of use can be required. Jerrycans which show any signs of lower resistance should not be used again.

Storage of empty jerrycans

6 litre un jerrycan

These jerrycans manufactured from polyethylene become brittle under UV radiation. It is recommended to protect them from exposure to sunlight as well as storage in a dry and clean place. Before filling the jerrycans make sure that they have reached room temperature as low temperature increases the chances of breakages. High temperatures reduce the jerrycan's stability.

Recycling Jerrycans

The jerrycans embossed with the PE-HD 02 labels, according to DIN 6120 part 2 "Marking of packaging and packaging materials and their recycling" to ensure the correct recycling of the used jerrycans.


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