Janitorial cleaning trolleys allow an operator to clean more easily with all the equipment, and cleaning chemicals that they need. Various janitor trolleys are available depending on your requirements.

Janitorial Cleaning Trolleys

0004513 janitorial cleaning trolley 600x600

  • Manufactured from durable plastic
  • Mobile on 2 x 200 mm wheels at the back and 2 x 75 mm swivel castors at the front
  • Complete with a strong yellow PVC sack
  • Some assembly required

Size: Shelf Heights 580 and 970 mm

Code Description Size(LxWxH)



HI308Y Janitorial Trolley Without Bin Lid 1140 x 500 x 972 mm  100 kg 9 kg
HI328Y Janitorial Trolley With Bin Lid 1140 x 500 x 972 mm 100 kg 9 kg


Collector Janitorial Trolley

244 collector janitorial trolley 600x600

  • Mobile on 4 swivel castors, 2 with brakes
  • 3 removable grey plastic containers & 2 removable bins
  • Some assembly required


Code Size (LxWxH)



GIC816 776 × 455 × 925 mm  100 kg 15 kg

Compact Turndown Housekeeping Cart

FG9T7700BLA Housekeeping trolley

Designed for use in limited space environments, and manufactured from durable polypropylene, Rubber maid’s Ultra-Compact High-Capacity Cleaning Cart is a hard-wearing and highly manoeuvrable solution to transporting cleaning tools and supplies throughout the working day. Featuring interchangeable handles and a removable platform, the cleaning cart's footprint can be increased or decreased based on the storage and cleaning requirements of the user. The water and chemical resistant finish ensures that it is easy to clean and maintain.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable polypropylene construction is capable of withstanding robust treatment and the rigours of fast-moving, busy environments
  • Compact design is up to 37% more space-efficient than Rubber maid’s Traditional Housekeeping Cart (FG618900BLA) while providing high capacity-to-footprint ratio
  • Lightweight and ergonomic, the cart has been designed with easy manoeuvrability and user comfort in mind
  • Water and chemical resistant finish facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance while prolonging the cart’s “like new” appearance
  • Vacuum holder and bungee cord enable simple storage and transportation of upright vacuums or PULSE Mops
  • Rubber tool grips can hold up to 5 stick tools, such as mop handles
  • Integrated storage hooks can hold up to four safety signs
  • Lockable cabinet doors keep cleaning supplies concealed and prevents access from unauthorized persons when unattended
  • Interchangeable handles and removable platform allow the user to easily increase or decrease the cart’s footprint dependent on cleaning and storage requirements
  • Durable ball bearing wheels and quiet casters ensure that unnecessary disturbances are eliminated during transit


  • Product Code FG9T7700BLA
  • Dimensions: W55.88 x H111.76 x D97.16cm
  • Material: Polypropylene/Aluminium


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