Our range of Trade & industrial grade scaffold towers include 3T compliant towers that comply fully with the Working at Height Regulations. The 3T method of erecting a scaffold tower involves erecting the scaffold tower in sequence by accessing the next level via the trapdoor and fitting the braces above whilst in a ‘sitting position’. 

Industrial Scaffold Towers

Once in place, these braces offer sufficient protection to begin attaching the frames to the next level and so on.

Alpine Tower

The Alpine Tower is tested & certified to BSEN1004:2004 and is able to fit through a standard doorway, offering great mobility which is essential for companies that travel to different work sites.

  • 3T compatible scaffold tower that is quick and easy to erect, saving time and money on each job.
  • It is narrow in width and compact enough to be able to store away quickly and easily.
  • Compact enough to easily fit in most small vans or estate cars.

Available with 8 different platform heights and has quick release pull rings with stainless steel pin on bracing for easy assembly.

Alpine lightweight tower system 600x600

Tower Product Specifications:

  • Platform Size: 1800 X 730 mm (DxW)
  • Platform Heights: 600 mm – 6100 mm

Tower Dimensions:

AP0600Z 600 1800 X 730
AP1600Z 1600 1800 X 730
AP2100Z 2100 1800 X 730
AP3100Z 3100 1800 X 730
AP3600Z 3600 1800 X 730
AP4600Z 4600 1800 X 730
AP5100Z 5100 1800 X 730
AP6100Z 6100 1800 X 730


One-Man Scaffold Tower

Heavy-Duty single width Frame Access scaffold tower, which is certified to BS EN1004 standards. Easy to erect and dismantle by one person, with the base unit forming a trolley for fast storage and transportation.

one man scaffold tower 01 600x600  one man scaffold tower 07 600x600

  • Compact tower unit that fits through standard doorways (800 mm)
  • 1 x size frame for an easier build
  • Aluminium tower and toe board with Heavy-Duty plywood platform
  • Multiple platform heights up to 4.1 m
  • 250 mm rung pitch
  • Designed for one person to install without extra assistance
  • EN1004:2020




Working Height.







3020-200 5700 mm 5300 mm 4100 mm 3300 × 2500 mm (LxW) 130 kg


Speedy 4 + 3T Scaffold Tower

speedy tower 4 frame scaffold tower kit3 600x600

Speedy 4 + 3T Aluminium Scaffold Tower is a revised design for the all-new EN1004:2020 standard. It is still the same rugged, efficient, and versatile thanks to its foldable base and spun-rung ‘Duraclimb’ technology.

  • The Speedy Tower provides a solid but lightweight option designed for regular use with no tools required – slot and lock into place.
  • The folding base unit is easy to manoeuvre around on four lockable castors, or folds in half to fit through narrow doorways.

It is removable to enable precise levelling adjustments. Use on even or uneven ground indoors or out.

  • Kit-1 Contains the parts necessary to allow the scaffold tower to reach a 1.6 m high platform height.
  • Kit-2 Increases the platform height to 3.35 m.
  • Kit-3 Increases the platform height to 5.10 m.

Available in 3 x optional kit packs, complete with a protective guardrail for projects up to 7.1 m working height.


  • Available in 3 x optional platform height kits
  • Manufactured from 40 mm ‘Duraclimb’ tube with 250 mm rung spacing
  • Flexible modular design to reach different heights Quick and easy build, no tools required
  • Anti-slip 1.48 x 0.58 m platform and 150 mm toe boards
  • Stabilizers included in pack
  • 5-year Warranty
  • 200 kg Workload Capacity
  • EN1004:2020











Kit 1

1600 mm

3200 mm

1500 x 600 mm 3100 x 3300 mm

110.4 kg


Kit 2

3400 mm

5000 mm

1500 x 600 mm 3600 x 4200 mm

84.9 kg


Kit 3

5100 mm

6700 mm

1500 x 600 mm  3600 x 4200 mm

99.2 kg


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