The plastic IBC spill pallets are available in three different types. Standard plastic spill pallets with integrated plastic spill pallets, where the safe dispensing module is manufactured into the plastic pallet base. The spill pallet dispenser which allows spill to flow back into the pallet base in case of tap leakage or operator error when used with our spill pallets.

IBC Spill Pallets

SJ-500-004 02 Double plastic IBC bund

  • Spill Pallets, manufactured from polyethylene that is 100% recyclable
  • Central supports need to be used when decks in place
  • Easy to maintain and clean. Compatible with most forklifts and pallet trucks, use extensions when needed.
  • Always remove IBC and empty pallet before moving
  • Solid construction. Ergonomic design.
  • Only single IBC spill pallet can be used with / without platform.


IBC Dispenser

  • Manufactured from polyethylene that is 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for IBC spill pallets
  • Emptying outlet
  • Flows back into IBC spill pallet
  • Easy to clean. Ergonomic design.
  • Solid construction
  • Must be used with base for single IBC spill pallets.


ibc dispenser


As well as IBC Bunds, we also have a wide range of Barrel Bunds suitable for 2 or 4 205 litre drums.

Drum Spill Pallet for 4 × 205 LTR drums low profile


BB1S Nesting IBC Bunded Pallet

BB1S bunded IBC pallet

The new 1 x IBC Spill Pallet is designed to reduce transport costs and improve workplace ergonomics.
Reducing Transport Costs
The BB1S is designed to stack 5 units to minimise transport costs.

Improving Workplace Ergonomics
Employees are left with no choice but to force their bodies into less-than-ideal positions to suit the environments they work in resulting in illness and injuries. The BB1S pallet height allows for safe dispensing eliminating back strain from constantly bending over.

Manufactured from medium-density polyethylene with a sump capacity of 1200 litres.2 removable grids are provided, which can be easily removed for easy cleaning, along with integral fork pockets meaning it can be quickly and easily moved around your site.

  • The BB1S is designed to stack 5 units to minimise transport costs.
  • The pallet height allows for safe dispensing eliminating back strain from constantly bending over.
  • Medium-density polyethylene has a broad range of chemical compatibility. The BB1S is designed for 1 × 1000 LTR IBC as a taller alternative to the BB1.
Product Code BB1S
Length 1730 mm
Width 1340 mm
Height 1040 mm
Weight 76 kg
Sump 1200 litres
UDL 2000 kg

Backed by a 3-year guarantee

Manufactured from medium density polyethylene, we have designed this spill pallet to be as low to the ground as possible, yet still comply with the 25% sump capacity regulation. As with all our poly spill pallets, it comes complete with an injection moulded removable plastic mesh deck.

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