Various heavy-duty safety barriers are available on this page, including these tubular steel safety barriers, which are ideal in warehouses or areas where staff are mixing with vehicles or forklift trucks.  Positioned correctly, these safety barriers can protect valuable personnel and equipment from injury or expensive damage. 

High visibility yellow powder coated finish to help with easy identification. Available powder coated and galvanised.

High impact guardrails

forklift protection guards

  • High impact protection guards manufactured in 3 mm gauge quality steel.
  • Protects stock, traffic routes and work areas separates different traffic routes (e.g. stacker lanes in warehouses and pedestrian traffic).
  • Protects machinery, column supports, shelves, loading ramps, equipment etc.
  • Corner protection guard features 600 mm long sides.
  • Hot dip galvanised & yellow powder coated with black bands for exterior use.
  • Yellow powder coated with black bands for interior use.
  • All units have surface fixing plates and are installed by means of surface mounting using fixing bolts (available at extra cost). Protection Guards require 8 bolts per guard, and Corner Protection Hoops need 12 per guard.
  • Dimensions: 76 mm diameter with 3 heights: 300, 600 or 1200 mm and 3 widths: 375, 750 or 1000 mm.
  • Special sizes and colours, as well as models for sub-surface fixing, available on request.


Corner Protection Hoops


corner protection guards


Full List of Heavy Duty Safety Barriers

All models 76 mm Diameter. Indoor models are powder coated only, whilst outdoor barriers are hot dip galvanised first.

Height (mm) Width (mm) Finish Weight
Product Code
350 750 powder-coated 12.00 195.14.450
hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated 195.16.265
1000 powder-coated 13.00 195.14.589
hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated 195.13.499
2000 powder-coated 17.00 195.29.703
hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated 195.22.846
600 750 powder-coated 14.00 195.18.515
hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated 195.17.623
1000 powder-coated 16.00 195.18.943
hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated 195.19.157
2000 powder-coated 19.00 195.23.098
hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated 195.28.325
1200 750 powder-coated 20.00 195.19.573
hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated 195.17.296
1000 powder-coated 22.00 195.17.903
hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated 195.18.822
2000 powder-coated 25.50 195.21.170
hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated 195.28.003

Both barrier models below weigh 10 kg each 

Height width Finish Product code
350 375 powder-coated 195.15.621
hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated 195.18.233


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