Gravity Feed Conveyors are, by far, the most popular and simple way of moving a product from A to B by the use of the product's own weight. Gravity allows the items to travel at various speeds depending on the pitch. 

Non-powered Gravity Feed Conveyors

Gravity Feed Conveyors 400

The main purpose of any conveyor is to move items from a start point to a finish point and gravity conveyors with a slight incline will do so automatically.  Some gravity conveyor is used as plain roller track where an operator moves the items manually and this is useful where more control is required and where the item is to heavy for conventional handling. The gravity track can also be used with roller track and powered track and very complex handling solutions can be designed to cover all eventualities.

The frames for the gravity conveyors are made from either pressed channel 'Z' and 'C' sections or drilled rolled steel angle. Both provide a tough durable design that is truly modular with each section joining by the support stand on the previous section.

The advantages of the gravity feed conveyor or plain roller track:

  • Low initial costs
  • Easily moved around
  • Cheap to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be easily adapted with gates and stops

The gravity conveyors can be manufactured from mild steel and stainless steel.

With a choice of both plastic & steel rollers, and skate wheels for light duty systems, and a wide range of accessories Merlin can implement any conveyor system to meet exacting customer requirements.

Standard questions for gravity roller track enquiries.

  • Height to the top of the roller TOR
  • Width of the track
  • Length of the roller track
  • Base dimensions and weight of products moving on the conveyor.
  • Determines pitch (distance between the rollers) and weight capacity of the rollers.
  • Any guides required
  • Stops and Gates

As well as the roller track systems mentioned above, we offer specialist conveyor such as telescopic sections for the loading and unloading of vehicles.

Please call one of the experienced team to discuss any of your requirements or for further advice on what we can custom design to suit your needs.


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