There are always odd jobs that require longer forks than the normal pallet truck or forklift truck comes with.  Fork extensions are ideal for this as they can easily be mounted and removed as and when you need them.

Forklift Extensions

Product Information

  • Manufactured from heavy duty 5 mm thick steel for maximum longevity
  • Additional 8 mm thick internal strengthening plates for added durability
  • Fully rounded, heavy duty, toe section for easy entry into and out of loads or pallets
  • Removable heel pin offers 'drive in' entry, negating the need for manual handling whilst complying with manual handling regulations
  • Rear strap offering closed base design for added safety, whilst maintaining BS EN recommended standards
  • 'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to comply with Health & Safety Regulations

fork lift extensions

Ideal for safe and stable handling of loads which are longer than the forklift forks, our fork extensions offer long reach and stabilizing capabilities, whilst retaining the manoeuvrability of the lift truck for conventional operating.

Manufactured from heavy duty 5 mm thick steel with additional 8 mm thick internal strengthening plates, all our  fork extensions incorporate a fully rounded toe, with heavy-duty capping, for easy entry into and out of loads or pallets.

A removable heel pin allows for drive in entry, negating the need for manual lifting (in compliance with Health & Safety manual lifting regulations), whilst ensuring the fork extensions are safely secured to the truck forks.

For safety reasons, the fork extensions encompass a rear strap 'closed base' design, maintaining BS EN recommended standards

Manufactured to conform to ISO 13284 British Standards, our forklift extensions offer the perfect solution to long load stability handling and, like all our forklift attachments, will come fully tested and certified to comply with the latest Health & Safety Regulations

N.B. Fork extension length should not exceed existing fork length by more than 66%


Quality UK manufactured fork extensions (3-year warranty & certified) – not to be compared with cheaper, inferior models. You won't be disappointed!

Model Ref To Suit Max Fork Size W x Thick [mm] Extension Length [mm] Extension Width Overall [mm]
FEX100-1500 100 x 50 1500 136
FEX100-1650 100 x 50 1650 136
FEX100-1800 100 x 50 1800 136
FEX100-2000 100 x 50 2000 136
FEX125-1500 125 x 50 1500 163
FEX125-1650 125 x 50 1650 163
FEX125-1800 125 x 50 1800 163
FEX125-2000 125 x 50 2000 163
FEX150-1800 150 x 60 1800 196
FEX150-2000 150 x 60 2000 196


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