Foam protective barriers offer an impact protection system to protect staff from corners and hard surfaces, as well as protecting delicate equipment from damage by handling equipment. The edging is easily cut to size and applied and offers a lasting and highly visible protective barrier.

Foam Protective Barriers – Impact Protection

protective edging around lab table

Impact Protection profiles provide both visual warning and safety cushioning to hard, unyielding objects.

  • Prevents injury and protects property.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • High quality moulded sections.
  • Standard lengths of 1,000 mm and 5,000 mm.
  • Easily cut to length with sharp knife or fine saw blade.
  • Made from flexible age resistant polyurethane foam.
  • UV resistant yellow/black colours according to DIN 4844.
  • Temperature resistant from -40 °C to + 90 °C.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • CFC and silicon free.
  • Suitable for internal and external applications.

foam protective edging


Internal and external machinery, racking, conveyors, vehicles, mobile trolleys, corners, columns, girders, production areas, transfer routes, hospitals, laboratories etc.


Self-adhesive backed profiles can be permanently fixed to smooth, dust and grease-free surfaces on corners and edges.

Magnetic profiles are an innovative development of our PU foam Impact Protection profiles. The magnetic strips are an integral part of the profile. A simple solution for applications that do not require permanent protection, or areas that require regular operations such cleaning, painting etc.

Also, available is WHITE Impact Protection where discrete protection is required.

Easy to fit instructions

Impact Protection Foam,Trapeze Colour Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Fixture Weight (kg) Model
yellow/black 1000 40 40 self-adhesive 0.70 422.14.275
magnetic 0.70 422.23.24


Impact Protection Foam, Right-Angle Colour Length (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Thickness(mm) Fixture Weight (kg) Model
uni-colour white 1000 30 30 10 self-adhesive 0.50 422.15.712
yellow/black self-adhesive 0.50 422.17.559
yellow/black magnetic 0.50 422.24.979
yellow/black 60 60 self-adhesive 0.80 422.18.566
yellow/black magnetic 0.80 422.25.253
yellow/black 5000 26 26 7 self-adhesive 2.20 422.26.236
yellow/black 47 47 12 self-adhesive 2.70 422.22.011
yellow/black 26 14 7 self-adhesive 2.20 422.28.508


Impact Protection Foam, Semi-Circular Colour Length(mm) Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Fixture Model
uni-colour white 1000 40 20 0.70 self-adhesive 422.15.039
yellow/black 1000 0.70 self-adhesive 422.19.099
yellow/black 1000 40 0.70 magnetic 422.20.276
yellow/black 5000 15 2.30 self-adhesive 422.24.291


Pipe Protective Foams

pipe impact protection foam

>Available with 3 x internal diameters as below and in self-adhesive as well as magnetic versions.

pipe protection foam schematics


Colour Length(mm) Width (mm) Inside diam. (mm) Radius (mm) Thickness (mm) Fixture Weight (kg) Model
yellow/black 1000 80 40 37 20 self-adhesive 1.00 422.16.740
20 magnetic 1.00 422.21.293
100 60 50 20 self-adhesive 2.00 422.17.049
20 magnetic 2.00 422.22.247
125 85 67 25 self-adhesive 2.50 422.17.488
25 magnetic 2.50 422.20.581


Thor Protective Foam Strips

foam impact protectors

Designed to be highly visible in yellow and black these high density foam extrusions can be added to almost any surface to help protect personnel and apparatus from collisions damage. Available in five different forms and 1000 mm strips these can be attached using adhesive for impact protection.

These versatile strips are available in a variety of designs, they can be used on any surface, framework or edging to aid safety, warn of potential danger and protect the workforce where there is a risk of injury through impact.

  • These versatile strips are available in a variety of designs, they can be used on any surface, framework or edging to aid safety, warn of potential danger and protect the workforce where there is a risk of injury through impact.
  • Manufactured from high-density foam, conforming to H&S regulations, UV resistant, with yellow and black hazard alert coating.
  • Self-adhesive or push on fittings available, alternatively can be glued using suitable heavy-duty adhesives.
  • Available in 1000 mm lengths.
Model Type Fitting Dimensions W x H x L mm Cut-out W x L mm
TWFIP-3 3 Self-adhesive  40 x 32 x 1000 N/A
TWFIP-4 4 Push on 40 x 40 x 1000 8 x 20
TWFIP-5 5 Self-adhesive  40 x 40 x 1000 N/A
TWFIP-6 6 Push on 40 x 40 x 1000 8 x 20
TWFIP-7 7 Self-adhesive 60 x 20 x 1000 N/A


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