Treston ESD containers, manufactured and designed specifically for the electronic Industry. Stacking and bins can be useful in segregating components in a production environment and speed up assembly. 

Stacking bins

pf stacking bins


Parts and products stored in stacking bins can be effortlessly moved from one place to another, either by carrying the bins manually or transporting them in a trolley. The bins can also be placed on a workbench, a shelf, mounted on a bin rail or a bin rack, to provide easy access to the items stored in them. The products can be seen through the open front, and a wavy bottom makes picking easier. Straight sides, dividers that can be ordered separately, and the ability to firmly stack the bins, help ensure that space is used efficiently. 

  • An open front makes picking easier: the products are easy to see
  • One model, 8 different sizes, bins of the same width can be stacked on top of each other
  • Many bright colour options and a clear plastic model
  • The bins’ dimensions match all standard shelves, to maximize the use of shelf space
  • Can be placed on a workbench or a shelf, some models can also be mounted on a bin rail or a bin rack
  • Available accessories include labels with covers and side-to-side dividers for the larger models


ESD Stacking Container

stacking bin black esd

Our high quality, durable stacking bins have been designed for daily use in stores, production facilities and warehouses. Bins have been designed to fit all standard metric shelves, paternoster and industrial workstations. Bins of the same width stack securely, even if they are of different depths. Straight sides ensure an efficient use of space. The design, with a half-open front, allows excellent visibility and easy access to the bin's contents, making it easy to pick from. The colour options allow a storage system to be designed to meet the customer's requirements. The crystal clear bins are transparent, allowing easy visual identification. Bright colours make finding the right item easy.

Product facts

Product code 1015-4ESD
EAN-code 6416763035809
Width mm 105
Depth mm 165
Height mm 75

Shelf bins

Shelf bins product image

The shelf bin product family includes 11 different bin sizes to choose from. The bin types to choose from are sustainable wood-based bio plastic, 100% recycled plastic and classic plastic. The bins stack firmly on top of each other, including those that are different lengths but the same width. Straight sides and side-to-side dividers, available as accessories, ensure efficient use of space. A label with a cover comes as standard with each bin. The dimensions of the shelf bins match all metric shelves, cabinets, and industrial workstations.

  • 11 different sizes: bin depths 300, 400, 500, and 600 mm; three different widths
  • Three material choices: sustainable wood-based bio plastic Treston BiOX, 100% recycled plastic Treston ReBOX (Kennoset), and classic plastics in which coloured bins are polypropylene (PP) and transparent bins are polystyrene (PS)
  • High functionality: a wavy bottom prevents small parts from sliding and makes picking easier
  • A label with a cover comes as standard
  • Dividers to divide the bins into sections are available as accessories
  • Barcode labels also act as dividers 
  • Bright colours make product coding easier; see-through bins enable the bin’s contents to be seen easily 
  • Models with ESD protection are also available


ESD Shelf Bin

3010 4ESD black esd

Shelf bins are designed to fit all standard metric shelves, cabinets, paternosters and industrial workstations. Bins of the same width stack securely, even if they are of different depths. Straight sides ensure an efficient use of space, and the bins are available in several bright colours to facilitate product identification. You can see the contents clearly through the transparent bins. Each bin comes with a label and protective shields.

Product code 3010-4ESD
EAN-code 6416763039746
Width mm 92
Depth mm 300
Height mm 82
Internal width mm 75
Internal depth mm 257
Quantity per package 30
Suitable for clean room Yes
Temperature tolerance C -20…+70 °C
Chemical resistance Withstands the effects of oils, most acids and solvents
Capacity I 1.3
Internal height mm 70
Bin type Classic Plastic bins
Includes Accessories Label and protective shield S-10M
Available Accessories Cross divider D-10-4ESD, label for divider 1792.
Colour name Black
Frame material Semi-conductive polypropylene (PP)

Vat GB591551821 Company Number 02906480 – 1994
Dun and Bradstreet, Number (581590544)
NATO Code Number (NCAGE KD520)
EORI Number GB591551821000


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