Electric Car Battery Chargers. Industrial Electric car chargers for companies offering their staff the added incentive of charging their electric vehicles whilst working. They can also operate as a commercial business model in car parks etc, we offer 3 phase and single phase models.

Electric Car Battery Chargers

Electric Car Chargers 400

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  • UK Company and Products
  • OLEV Approved
  • No Earth Spike Required
  • Free App
  • Load Balancing
  • Adjustable Power output
  • Works with Solar panels
  • WiFi enabled aerial – Hardwired LAN ready
  • Built in RCD type B or equivalent

Incentivise your staff with a workplace charge scheme

We show just three of the nine commercial / industrial quality electric car chargers here so please contact us if you would like information on the other models.


Advantages for your business.

  • Incentivize Staff
  • Charge existing fleet vehicles
  • To provide added services for visitors
  • Improve your green credentials


Electric cars require a different charging system than the normal 13amp UK socket, and some car manufacturers state that using a standard electric plug can be detrimental to your car's long term health.

These are the typical car chargers that have been available, and the commercial ones on this page offer the 7.4kW and 22 kW speeds as shown below.

  • Three-pin plug – 2.3kW - Very slow
  • Home charge point – 3.6kW - Slow
  • Home charge point – 7.4kW - Fast (our recommendation)
  • Home charge point – up to 22kW - Fast

Model EVA07S-SPro Single Phase



Meet the Latest generation of electric vehicle chargers with a built in earthing arrangement making installation so much easier and cheaper.


  • This unit can utilise off peak energy tariffs so charging is cheaper.
  • Complies with the UK's 18th Edition for electrical equipment and is supplied by Merlin with a 3 year warranty.
  • Wall mounted or with an optional stand to cover all spaces.
  • Maximum output power 7.3 kW and 32 Amps

Please download the full EVA07-S-Pro.pdf specifications.

EVA-22D-S RFID Electric Chargers

EVA 22D S RFID electric car charger

3 Phase electric vehicle charging station with built in RFID. This attractive stand is protected to IP65 and suitable for sites where the local weather is rough!

Complex electrical protection, over/under temperature protection, residual current protection, etc.

  • Input voltage is 415 V AC
  • Maximum output power 22 kW x 2 Connections
  • Output voltage 400 V DC

For the full specifications for the EVA-22D-S EV Charger


EVC-AC44D / DC150D Three Phase

EVC AC44D industrial car charger

Designed for up to two electric cars this model takes a 3 phase power connection.

With several commercial features such as QR code and RFID payment options this unit can happily sit outdoors with the IP54 protection whilst offering Dual CCS type 2 plugs that offer more efficient charging.

  • Input voltage is 415 V AC
  • Maximum input power 200 kW
  • Output voltage ranges 200 - 850 V DC

For the full specifications on this EVC-AC44D model, download the specification sheet here.

Please contact Merlin Industrial Products for the latest prices, availability or information on electric car charging for businesses.

There are many advantages for businesses in installing electric car charging points:

  • A new way of attracting customers:
  • While waiting for their electric car to recharge, the customer will be able spend more time at your premises looking for, new goods, new services, thus encouraging new purchases.
  • For businesses, being equipped with charging stations also means free references in applications and maps of nearby charging station locations.
  • Offering added incentives to staff looking for greener opportunities to petrol and diesel cars.
  • An opportunity to diversify a company's business: through the use of electric charging stations, the company can offer additional services such as electric car rental.

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