World renowned European manufactured executive office furniture company from Denmark with collections in rosewood, oak, walnut, red heart beech or ash either natural or stained. Built using traditional skills and using the latest techniques and technology.

Skyline and Super Skyline Executive Desks

For decades the top of the range super skyline desk has graced everywhere from banks to presidential offices. It is an absolute favourite of top executives. The impressive mass of the 90 mm table-top with its integrated pencil tray provides a perfect complement to the Commodore cabinets.

super skyline desk in rosewood veneer

The photo above shows the following models in rosewood:

  • 8101B-1/8102 Super Skyline Desk w / return
  • 8904/8906/8900/2 x 8907 wall unit
  • 8497W executive chair
  • 8405 armchair w / black leather
  • 8405/2 2 seater sofa w / leather black
  • 8405/3 3 seater sofa w / leather black
  • 1511D coffee table
  • 1511F end table


Skyline used as a freestanding desk, as shown here, is an impressive solid statement. This executive furniture desk is available in two sizes, the larger desk is the Super Skyline and the smaller desk is the Skyline model.

skyline executive desk in natural ash


Both versions are hand made with a very nicely detailed, lockable pencil drawer. The photo shows the following models in ash:

  • 8101A-1 skyline desk
  • 8497W executive chair w/leather 504 Bordeaux


The Super Skyline executive hand made desks can also be delivered with the aluminium base as in this photo below. Matched with the Dyrlund universal conference tables, it makes a striking impression and protects the rich wood from knocks.


super skyline executive furniture with aluminium base


Starline Executive Furniture

starline desk in redheart beech


The Starline range of executive furniture is a complete range of both cabinets, desks and conference tables in a sharp-edged design creating a very modern look with a curved modesty panel.

The photo above shows the following components in red heart beech

  • 7601desk
  • 7510 pencil drawers
  • 6590 writing pad w/leather black
  • 6591 letter trays
  • 7500 / 7505 / 7507 wall unit


Close up of the Starline executive desk.


starline desk in redheart beech close up


In the Starline range we also offer an alternative to the traditional conference tables by integrating the conference table with the impressive executive desk for executives who like to hold meetings regularly with a small intimate team.


starline executive desk with meeting table incorporated

The photo shows the following components in red heart beech

  • 7601 desks
  • 7607-100 conference add-on section
  • 6590 writing pad w/leather black
  • 6591 letter tray
  • 8997W executive chair w/leather black
  • 8994 conference chair w/leather black
  • 7500/7505/ 7507 wall unit
  • 7505 base cabinet w/drawers
  • 7507 upper cabinet


Commodore Executive Furniture Collection


commodore executive furniture collection


The Commodore executive collection is quite stunning with its rounded edges and beautiful contemporary design. 

Shown in the image above, the cabinets are paired with the Commodore executive desk with a 50 mm desk top. 

The cabinets in this collection also match beautifully with our Super Skyline, Skyline and Supreme desks. To make a complete office ensemble, the universal conference tables can be added. 


The photo above shows the following models in rosewood: 

  • 8911A/8912/8914/8909 desk with return
  • 8908/8906/8900/2 x 8907 wall unit system
  • 8918/4 conference table
  • 8594 conference chairs w/leather Black
  • 8497P/W executive chair w/leather black


commodore executive desk in ash and cherry


The image above shows the following components, ash stained to cherry:

  • 8911A/8912/8914/8909 desk with return
  • 6590 / 6591 writing set w/letter tray
  • 2 x 8900/8906 credenza
  • 9688W executive chairs w/leather black
  • 9689 executive chairs w/leather black
  • 9690 easy chair
  • 9690/2 2-seater sofa
  • 9690/3 3-seater sofa
  • 1511D coffee table
  • 1511F end table

commodore executive desk in walnut

This photo shows the following models in walnut:


  • desk with return 8911A / 8912 / 8914
  • wall unit system 8900 x 3 / 8907 x 2
  • executive chair 9688W
  • 8918/4 conference table
  • 4 x 9691 conference chairs


Apollo Executive Desking


apollo executive desk in rosewood for smaller offices


The Apollo executive desk range with 30 mm top and smaller desk sizes makes it more suitable for smaller offices yet still maintaining the light, elegant lines and chamfered edges. The Apollo range can also be used with the Concorde cabinets.


The photo above shows the following models in rosewood:

  • 6001 / 2 x 6015 desk w/mobile pedestals
  • 2 x 6020 / 6021 credenzas
  • 2 x 8479AL visitor chairs w/leather black
  • 8998W executive chair w/leather black


The Apollo desk range can also be manufactured with a return.

apollo rosewood desk with return

The photo above shows the following models in rosewood:

  • 6001/6007/6007K/6013 desk w/return and pedestals
  • 6008 / 6021 / 6020 / 2 x 6026 wall unit
  • 6030/4 conference table
  • 4 x 8994 conf. chairs w/leather black
  • 8998W executive chair w/leather black
  • 6017 credenza


Concorde Executive Furniture

concorde executive furniture in rosewood


The Concorde executive range has quickly become a bestseller with the elegant, clean lines and chamfered edges making it look at home in any modern environment.

The range includes desks in 50 mm thickness with or without return and unique modesty panels, making the desks perfect for use in an open office. The range further consists of a selection of pedestals, cabinets as well as conference tables.


The photo above shows the following models in rosewood (also available in oak, ash and walnut):

  • Wall unit system 6021 / 2 x 6026 / 2 x 6020
  • Desk with return 6501 / 6506 / 6013
  • Writing set 6590 / 6591
  • Executive chair 8497W
  • Conference chair 2 x 8594
  • Chair 7820 , 2-seater sofa 7820/2 3-seater sofa, 7820/3
  • Coffee table 6514A End table 6514B


From the fortunate user's side, the Concorde desk is beautiful, providing room to stretch your legs and soak in the intrinsic styling. 

The range includes desks in 50 mm thickness with and unique modesty panels, making the desks perfect for use in open offices. The range further consists of pedestals, cabinets conference tables.


concorde executive desk users view


This photo shows the following models in rosewood:

  • 6501 / 6506/ 6013 desk w/return
  • 6020 / 6021 / 6515 credenza
  • 6590/6591 writing set
  • 9688/W executive chair w/leather black
  • 4 x 9691 conference chair w/leather black
  • 6518/4 conference table


Supreme Executive Desking


Supreme desking in rosewood front view


The Supreme range is manufactured using 50 mm wood.

The rounded edges with the exceptional glass top and the slab “wings” gives the Supreme executive desk a unique and light look. Available with or without return and/or the specially designed drawer pedestal with integrated pencil tray and visitors shelf and suitable with commodore cabinets and universal conference tables.


The Photo above shows the following in rosewood:

  • 8431G desk
  • 8497W desk chair w/leather Black and aluminium castors


Another view of the Supreme desk showing the return and how the desk looks in the Walnut finish.

supreme walnut desk with return


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