Digital door locks, as well as being simple, convenient, and effective to use, they are totally self-contained and do not need any additional hardware. Digital door locks also don’t require keys, power, cards or tokens, all of which can be easily damaged, lost or stolen.

"Lockit" Digital Door Locks

lockit digital door locks

Digital Locks Advantages

  •  Keyless access for convenience & security
  •  Over 8,000 possible combinations
  •  Codes are easy to change – full instructions included
  •  Anti-thrust latch for added security
  •  Non-handed and easy to fit – template supplied
  •  Passage function – via snib holdback
  •  Available in Satin Chrome or Polished Brass finishes
  •  Recommended for light duty internal use


  • Lock – 141 mm high x 40 mm wide x 21 mm deep.
  • Fitted with short paddle handle
  • Internal plate – 142 mm high x 41 mm wide x 9 mm deep.
  • Fitted with 75 mm long paddle handle
  • Latch diameter - 19 mm
  • Back set – 60 mm
  • Suitable for doors up to 54 mm thick

Keylex 700M Digital Locks

Keylex numeric door locks

For Use With Multi-Point Locking Mechanisms

  •  Keylex Medium Duty For Multi-Point PVC Doors
  •  Suitable for medium / heavy-duty applications
  •  Ideal for use on all residential door installations
  •  Over 4,000 possible combinations - Code can be changed in seconds
  •  Lever handle operation from both sides
  •  Stainless steel buttons will not indicate usage
  •  Operates with most conventional multipoint locks
  •  Key override (Optional) to bypass code and for nighttime locking
  •  Mechanical operation - no wiring or batteries required
  •  Integrates with any Euro Profile 'one key system'
  •  Please note: Door thickness required at time of ordering / Enquiry

Multi-Point Locks - Compatibility with the Keylex 700M

Multi-Point locks are used widely in both commercial and residential situations and offer increased security over conventional rim or mortice locks when used with a suitably high specification Euro profile cylinder or 5 lever system.

Just about every PVC residential door installation employs a Multi-Point lock of one type or another - a deterrent to most casual burglars.
The introduction of a Keylex 700M mechanical digital lock to a door locked via a Multi-Point device actually enhances the security of that door. The ‘passage function’ of the lock, a standard feature of all Multi-Point locks, is automatically converted to a night latch function since, by default, the external lever can only be operated after entry of a valid code.

Multi-Point locks are available in the U.K. from a very wide range of different manufacturers, with available options too numerous to list. However, some basic principles do apply and these are listed below.

Spindles & Followers - The Keylex 700M is supplied with a 7 mm square spindle (and 8 mm converter) and suits all Multi-Point lock followers, accepting these sizes ‘on the square’.

Split spindles for escape lock situations are not available.
Lock Centres & Lock Case Sizes - Euro profile escutcheons are prepared and supplied (in pairs) to suit locks with 92mm centres. Alternatives are available to special order and include oval and 5 lever profiles.

Most lock case sizes are accommodated since the two Keylex 700M mounting pillars are spaced @ 290 mm - split 160 mm/130 mm about the spindle.
Back set Lengths - The narrow stile Keylex 700M body easily allows installations with back set lengths down to 30 mm - with no upper limit. Back set lengths usually vary between 30 mm to 45 mm in 5 mm increments.
Door Thicknesses - Often, PVC door profiles can exceed 50 mm. To ensure we provide the Keylex 700M with a sufficiently long spindle and fixings pack, it is essential that we know the door thickness at the order placement stage.

Keylex numeric door locks dimensions




All Keylex lock models are ‘field reversible’. Therefore, you do not need to specify the hand of the lock when ordering. However, when installing the Keylex 700 on rebated double doors, it is necessary to establish the hand of the door in respect of the rebate kit. There are four distinct handing codes describing four possible applications:

  • LH Left Hand = Clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the push side.
  • LHR Left-hand Reverse = Anti-clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the pull side.
  • RH Right Hand = Anti-clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the push side.
  • RHR Right-hand Reverse = Clockwise closing door with the digital keypad on the pull side.

The hand of the lock is the same as the hand of the door. The hand of the rebate kit is the same as the hand of the lock.


Two part rebate kits are available (stainless steel) in the following sizes to suit all series of Keylex locks; 13 mm, 19 mm and 25 mm


Extra long fixings, spindle extensions and passage turn extensions are available to suit any door thickness.


A blank plate for the passage function facility is available on the all Keylex models, as are blanking buttons for the inside lever furniture on Keylex 700, 800 & 500 models only.


Conversions are available for all K2100 series and K700 series models, allowing operation with rim mounted emergency exit and panic exit devices. Conversions are available for the following manufacturers’ devices (rim mounted applications only – including latch and vertical rod designs).
a) Briton b) Dorma c)Von Duprin


Bidirectional coded access control via the same door is achieved using either the Keylex model K2100 or K700 in a back-to-back application. ‘Back-to-back’ is not available on Keylex models K800 & K500. K700B is the factory built solution, available ex-stock to suit doors 35 mm to 50 mm thick. K700B2 is the factory built solution, available ex-stock to suit doors 50 mm to 65 mm thick. K2100B is our modification, introducing a mounting plate to one side of the door.

This solution particularly addresses security requirements at external gates, where it may be possible to access the ‘secure’ side of a gate by reaching through to the other side. This solution should never be introduced to doors on emergency exit routes.


Where security is paramount and the opportunity for unauthorized observation of code entry exists, it is possible to introduce a spy shield to reduce the chance of code entry copying. Available to special order on all models.


The normally smooth knob design on Keylex model K2100 can be modified to introduce a knurled or textured finish. This facilitates extra grip for use by the elderly, infirm or operation by those who may have wet hands. Available to special order.


Occasionally, door and frame designs dictate that conventional mortice lock solutions become impractical. Rim mounted solutions exist (for the models detailed above) and are, in the case of K800 & K500, normally available exstock. Because of the nature of their operation, certain features such as passage function are unavailable. All rim mounted locks are supplied with knob furniture to both sides of the door.


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