Latest electronic counting scales for establishing how many items you have once you have accurately measured one of them. Make stocktaking a lot easier, especially for small parts where you can have many thousands.

Counting Systems

With 12 different models from a few hundred pounds to just over £3000 pounds we have a model suitable for your requirements whether you are counting parts or beverages.

Counting scale CXB

Entry level model into professional counting, also with EC type approval [M], counting resolution of 30,000 points

cxb electronic counting scales

Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimization of reference weight gradually improves the average piece weight value

Programmable using numerical key pad:

  • required reference quantity
  • known reference weight

Three displays for

  • Total weight (verifiable)
  • Piece weight
  • Total count

Audible Fill-to-target: target quantity or target weight can be programmed. When the target value is reached, a signal will sound.

Counting results memory: adds up all individual piece counts, result is shown in total weight and total pieces

Energy management: Back-light turns off after 5 sec

Two balances in one: Changes from counting mode to weighing mode at the touch of a key

PRE-TARE function for manual subtraction of a known container weight, value can be saved


Note: Official verification duty for commercial trade

Item number Weighing

Minimum load


Min. piece
CXB 15K1 15 1     1 0,5
CXB 15K5NM 15 5 5 100 5 0,5
CXB 30K10NM 30 10 10 200 10 1
CXB 30K2 30 2     2 1
CXB 3K0.2 3 0.2     0,2 0,1
CXB 3K1NM 3 1 1 20 1 0,1
CXB 6K0.5 6 0,5     0,5 0,2
CXB 6K2NM 6 2 2 40 2 0,2

Note: For applications that require verification, please order verification at the same time, initial verification at a later date is not possible. Verification at the factory, we need to know the full address of the location of use.

Counting system CCT

Premium counting system with EC type approval [M], for complex counting applications with the highest level of accuracy, counting resolution up to 150 million points

Counting system CCT

With this highly-accurate counting system KERN CCP you can replace a large spectrum of individual counting scales

Thanks to EC type approval [M] this counting system can also be used in verified applications, e.g. for order picking packaged items, etc.

Alibi memory: paperless archive of weighing results

High level of connectivity Thanks to a range of integrated interfaces

USB data interfaces for transferring weighing data to the PC, printer, USB sticks, etc.

Individual print formats: Printouts can be individually adjusted depending on operating mode, application or your own requirements, directly at the balance or the PC.


Reference scale KERN PLJ-C/AEJ-C:

The highly accurate reference balances KERN PLJ-C and AEJ-C determine the piece weight of items to be counted with the highest level of precision

These precision balances, which can also be used as individual balances, can fulfil even the highest level of requirements for accuracy, weighing range and volume of items (up to 6 million items) through connection to a high-capacity platform scale

Automatic internal adjustment in the case of temperature change ? 3 °C and time-controlled every 3 hours

Internal memory for up to 999 weighing results, 1000 items or recipe ingredients, 100 container weights, 100 users


Quantity scale KERN ILT

The high-accuracy quantity counting takes place on the KERN ILT weighing platform/weighing bridge

The counting system is operated using the premium display device of the KERN ILT bulk balance and offers the full range of functions for demanding counting applications

Intuitive operation using the touch display , increases efficiency and saves costs

Creation and recall items to be counted from the database (8 GB) with all relevant additional data such as piece weight, name, price, reference quantity, tare container weight, barcode, item image, etc.

User-friendly batch management

Fill-to-target function: Programmable target weight. An acoustic and visual signal will be displayed when the target value is reached

Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimization of reference weight gradually improves the average piece weight value

This professional KERN ILT touchscreen platform balance, which can also be used as a stand-alone scale, meets the highest demands for accuracy, weighing range and volume of items, by being connected to a high-capacity weighing bridge (up to 6 million items)


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