Made to order conveyor trays are designed with flat bases to run on most conveyor systems from skate roller track to belt conveyors and allow smaller items not normally suited to conveyors to be transported.

Conveyor Trays

The smallest conveyor tray is calculated using the conveyor roller pitch. Three rollers should be touching at any one time. For belt conveyors, this rule does not apply. For advice, contact Merlin Industrial using the form below or the telephone number above.

Conveyor Trays

Our conveyor trays are ideal for carrying small and large items at the same time and can be re-used again and again for many years.

The trays can be made in various sizes with different heights, and we can also add wooden skids to the base if more rigidity is required.

Images show a popular tray manufactured for Amazon and used in sites in France and the United Kingdom.

Conveyor Trays

Please let us know the sizes you would like, and the quantity required for a competitive quotation.

As well as the conveyor trays we can also supply other customized products, cylindrical cases, hanger bins, open-top boxes, panel cases, pharmacy, and transit cases.

Trays used by Amazon for many years.

Trays used by Amazon for many years

Advantages of conveyor trays 

  • Increased efficiency: A conveyor tray can help to streamline the manufacturing or production process by allowing materials or products to move quickly and easily from one area to another. This can help to increase overall efficiency and productivity.
  • Consistent quality: Because the conveyor tray moves at a steady pace, it can help to ensure that products or materials are consistently spaced and positioned as they move along the line. This can help to reduce errors and inconsistencies in the final product.
  • Reduced labour costs: By automating the movement of materials or products, a conveyor tray can help to reduce the need for manual labour. This can help to lower labour costs and potentially improve worker safety by reducing the amount of manual lifting and moving required.
  • Flexibility: Conveyor trays can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of products, from small parts to large items. This can make them a versatile solution for a range of industries and applications.
  • Space-saving: By moving products or materials along a single, continuous line, a conveyor tray can help to save valuable floor space in a manufacturing or production facility.
  • Easy to maintain: Conveyor trays are typically made from durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. This can help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs over time.
  • Of course, the specific advantages of using a conveyor tray will depend on the application and industry in question. But these are some potential benefits to consider.

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