Sticky mats control any loose debris brought through an area via footwear or wheels. Simply offer a tacky or sticky surface that grabs any contaminants / dust / particles before they get into a controlled area such as a clean-room or laboratory.

Sticky step plastic is a contamination control mat formed of 30 adhesive layers. Dust and dirt are effectively captured when foot-traffic or equipment wheels pass over it into the controlled environment. The numbered layers can be easily peeled off to reveal a new, clean surface. Suitable for use in clean rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical areas and specialist manufacturing, e.g. aerospace.

decontamination flooring plastic


  • Ideal for maintaining clean room and laboratory standards
  • Anti-microbial adhesive surface removes dirt from shoes, wheels, etc. on contact
  • 30 peel-off layers for maintaining a clean, fully effective mat at all times
  • Bottom layer adheres to any clean, dry floor
  • 4 mats per pack
  • Sheet thickness, 0.055 mm + 5%
  • Peel Adhesion, 433 g/25 mm (top layer), 1071 g/25 mm (bottom layer)
  • Overall height 2 mm

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A contamination control mat formed of 30 adhesive layers.

Product Code Size Colour
SP1845BU 48 cm X 110 cm Blue
SP1845GY 48 cm X 110 cm Grey
SP1845WH 48 cm X 110 cm White
SP2436BU 60 cm X 90 cm Blue
SP2436GY 60 cm X 90 cm Grey
SP2436WH 60 cm X 90 cm White
SP3660BU 90 cm X 150 cm Blue
SP3660GY 90 cm X 150 cm Grey
SP3660WH 90 cm X 150 cm White

Download or View the Full Contamination Mat specifications here.


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