Plastic containers on wheels with a capacity of 130 to 625 litres and built on a plywood base offering better stability and strength. Available in Natural White, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow with a normal lead time of 2 weeks. Lids are also available and listed below along with bottle and tidy trucks.

HAYSOAKER mobile plastic container

The Hay soaker plastic trucks are available with taps and plugs as shown above.

  • Product consists of a tank and powder coated mild steel frame
  • Perfect for when the tank is required to take a reasonable weight and be safely moved
  • Frame fitted with 8” rubber castors
  • Three sizes available with capacities of 370 to 540 Litres
  • Completely smooth interior for easy cleaning
  • Blue and red available from stock, other colours made to order

plastic container trucks

Technical Data:

RD0303 & OC0105 – 1040 W x 730 D x 845 H – 370 Litres capacity

RD0405 & OC0210 – 1340 W x 750 D x 860 H – 455 Litres capacity

RC0504 & OC0211 – 1090 W x 800 D x 940 H – 540 Litres capacity

Tapered Plastic Trucks

tapered plastic container trucks

  • Available in 15 sizes, all with loose fitting lids
  • Max capacity of 625 Litre
  • All trucks are tapered for cost-effective transportation and ease of storage
  • Ideal for catering and factory applications
  • Can be fitted with either a plywood or food grade plastic base
  • Easy to clean
  • Best sellers held in stock in blue, red and black
  • Black trucks are produced using recycled polymer – not food approved but they do offer cost savings

Plastic Bottle Skips or Bar Trucks

plastic bottle skips bins


  • Available in five sizes
  • Capacities range from 135 to 185 Litres
  • All trucks are moulded with anti-jamming lugs to ease extraction when stacked together
  • Ideal for hotels, pubs and clubs
  • Bottle bins are completely water tight
  • 2” castors fitted as standard
  • Completely smooth interior for easy cleaning
  • Available from stock in blue and black; other colours made to order
  • Black trucks are produced using recycled polymer and though not food grade do offer cost savings

Technical Data:

RB0111 650 W x 460 D x 660 H135 Litre

RB0113 615 W x 455 D x 750 H150 Litre

RB0115 820 W x 455 W x 620 H 165 Litre

RB0118 970 W x 380 D x 620 H165 Litre

RB0119 670 W x 615 D x 620 H185 Litre

Plastic Tidy Skips



plastic tidy trucks

  • Ideal for waste collection, order picking and ingredients storage
  • Available in two sizes with capacities of 350 and 500 Litres
  • Hinged lids available for all products
  • Stackable – the two part lid is hinged in the centre and can be removed for transport purposes
  • Steel reinforcing plate fitted to base
  • Completely smooth interior for easy cleaning

Technical Data:

RT0001 – 1160 W x 750 D x 790 H – 350 Litres capacity

RT0002 – 1160 W x 750 D x 980 H – 500 Litres capacity

Order Picking Trolleys

plastic order picking trucks

  • Our order picking truck is ideal for warehouses and factories
  • Unique design allows for easy loading and unloading, storage and transportation of goods
  • Completely smooth interior for easy cleaning

Technical Data:

Model RB0903

1255 W x 785 D x 1180 H mm

Capacity 885 Litres


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