The counterweighted compact lightweight crane. Model JL150 with electric lift is the most compact and ergonomic on the market. Capacity 150 kg with remote control for a single operator. Manufactured in Italy. JL150 electric lifter white background

The JL150 counterweighted crane

JL150 electric lifter

This counterweighted crane JL150 with electric lift is the most compact and ergonomic on the market.


  • Manual push guide
  • Lifts to 150 kg
  • Arm controls with wire control
  • Electric lift and extension
  • Anti-tip system as standard
  • 100% electric
  • Remote Control

The remote control allows you to lift the load with one hand and manoeuvre it to the correct position with the other.

JL150 remote control

Created to facilitate the lifting and handling of light weights of any type up to 150 kg, thanks to its small size it can be used in aisles and confined spaces. One of the strengths is the ball bearing, which makes the 360° rotating movement fluid and light.

The JL150 crane has been designed to speed up and optimize all operations related to lifting and logistics, increasing productivity and at the same time ensuring maximum safety and ergonomics for the operator.

Just Lift Heights

JL150 electric lifter lift heights

The jib can be extended nearly 1500 mm and effects the weight capacity.  Measured at parallel to the ground.

The First position fully retracted offers 150 kg. The second position has a capacity of 100 kg and the third 50 kg (the third step is an accessory, extension to be added if needed)

JL150 animated movie

NameUnit of MeasureData
Model name JL150
Certification CE
Frame made of Steel
Frame treatment Polyester powder coating
Wheels Wheels protection
Max lifting capacity kg 150
Type of control Push drive
Batteries pcs 2
Battery type Traction AGM batteries
Battery voltage V 12
Nominal Capacity 5/h Ah 50
Nominal Capacity 20/h Ah 70
Weight of each battery kg 26
Battery charger External – high frequency
Current Direct
Plant tension V 24
Parking brake Mechanical
Weight without batteries kg 290
Weight with batteries kg 340
Length mm 1090
Width mm 780
Driving controls height mm 1065
Total height mm 1920
Turning diameter mm 1050

This model of electric crane is the smallest one, with larger models available with a capacity of 750 kg. Contact Merlin for more information and pricing. 

Please provide enough information so that our reply to your message is as quick as possible. If you need to send a sketch or drawing use the email address. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Mini Lifters Shop

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Electric Mini Lifter 100kg Capacity

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Platform Size: 470 x 600mm.

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Electric Mini Lifter 150kg Capacity

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Electric Mini Lifter 250kg Capacity

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Winch Lifter 150kg Capacity

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Manual Winch Lifter 200kg Capacity

Manual Winch Lifter 200kg Capacity.

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Electric Mini Lifter 300kg Capacity

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Platform Size: 470 x 600mm.

Max. Lift Height: 1500mm. 


Counterbalanced Electric Mini Lifter

Capacity: 100kg.

Platform Size: 470 x 605mm (LxW).

Max. Lift Height: 1500mm. 


Mini Stacker 150kg Capacity

Capacity: 150kg.

Maximum Lift Height: 55-1400mm.

Available in Zinc Plated Steel or Stainless Steel.