From Micro to Large scale cleaning and drying operations using maize, sawdust in the low-cost micro system and water removal with stain free finishing as well as re-circulating machines for larger scale work.

Microdry Media Dryer

microdryer uk

Ideal for drying metal components, including delicate items - will not scratch softer metals.
Removes water without water staining.
Uses no toxic materials.
Very low running costs.
Not recommended for articles with small blind recesses.


Model: 2455D
Diameter: 250 mm
Height: 150 mm
Power: 60 vA at 240 volts
Supplied with drying media

AquaDry 25

aquadry cleaning and drying

Safe and pollution free system for water removal

Q How does it work

A By using tap water and pure water followed by hot air at reduced atmospheric pressure to produce stain free surfaces.

Trichloroethylene, sawdust or centrifuges

Q Extraction?

A Not essential, only warm humid air produced.

Q Are special facilities are needed

A none, runs off 240 volts single phase mains supply and tap water.

Q What are the running costs

A materials none, water and electricity only with an occasional recharge of water purifying cylinders.

Q What are the negatives

A It takes longer than solvent dryers, typically 3 to 10 minutes per batch depending on the product shape, but the process is programmed so other jobs can be done whilst the drying sequence is in action.

Automated cleaning and drying systems.

large industrial cleaning and drying

As well as the large scale automated systems, we also have the individual cleaning and drying components so that you can build your own tailored system.

HOT AIR dryers

hot air dryers uk

Re-circulating heated air machines with temperature controls.

From bench top to heavy-duty types
3 - 48 kW electrical models available
To 50 kW Steam powered models
To 100 kW gas powered models.

Even zone temperature control

even zone temperature control units

Manual or power assisted options.

Please contact Merlin Industrial if you need more information on any of the operations or need advice.

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