We have a wide range of barrier posts suitable for car parks and other areas where temporary barriers are useful.  The barrier posts below include sprung loaded, retractable, removable, drop-down and standard barrier posts.

MAJOR Retractable Post is a post which, like the MINDER, is ideal for areas that require temporary access from time to time.

retractable posts

Strong galvanised steel construction.
• Effortless operation.
• Lockable with triangular key.
• 2 Models – Semi automatic and Manual.

Designed for infrequent use only

The MAJOR is a solidly constructed retractable post that is Hot Dip Galvanised on all models for maximum service life. Standard red/white and yellow/black paint finishes are also available. The semi-automatic version features a built in gas strut that enables it to rise effortlessly out of its housing when unlocked, whilst the manual version has to be raised by hand. The post section is easily replaced if accidentally damaged.

Marketplaces, car parks, pedestrian areas, garage entrances, archways etc.

Post Dia.: 76mm
Post Height: 900mm
Sub-surface case: 100 x 100mm Square
Depth below ground: 1,150mm

Optional Extras:
Epoxy paint finishes in various colours.

Installation & Maintenance:
It should be established that the area for installation is not subject to flooding. Penetrating dirt and contamination should be removed at least every six months and all moving parts cleaned and greased. This will ensure smooth operation and a long service life.

Standard Barrier Posts are a highly effective and adaptable method of boundary demarcation.


Strong steel construction with aluminium caps.
• Versatile - wide range of applications.
• Integration with other systems.
• Surface and sub-surface versions.
• Available in four finishes.

TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts can be used with CONTROLLER Drop Down Posts, MINDER Removable Barrier Posts and TRAFFIC-LINE Railing Systems to create complete traffic control systems. In addition to the normal fixing methods TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts can also be fitted into non-locking TRAFFIC-LINE Ground Sockets. For external use and extreme conditions TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Posts are available Hot Dip Galvanised which can be combined with red reflective bands and/or painted. For internal use powder coated versions are available.

Boundary posts, restriction of access to vehicles, demarcation of traffic lanes, walkways, industrial sites etc.

Post Height: 1,000mm (surface fit)
Post Height O/all: 1,330mm (sub surface fit)
Post Dimensions: 60mm, 76mm, 90mm Dia. or 70 x 70mm Sq, section.

Optional Extras:
Chain eyes,
red reflective bands,
epoxy paint finishes,
non-locking ground sockets.

TRAFFIC-LINE Spring Loaded Post is ideal for restricted manoeuvring areas where a high risk of damage is likely.

104b1271 spring loaded post

Strong galvanised steel construction.
• Spring loaded allows deflection up to 30 degrees.
• Surface and sub-surface mount versions available.
• Reduces damage to vehicles and property.

The post can be deflected up to 30 degrees in any direction and will automatically return to its original vertical position. This restriction to 30 degrees also restricts the ability of vandals to damage vehicles and nearby property by deflecting ordinary spring loaded posts to ground level and releasing.

Parking areas, underground car parks, access ramps, tight bends etc.

Steel Post Dia.: 76mm
Steel Post Height: 1,000mm (Above surface)
Finish: Hot Dip Galvanised, HDG + red/white or black/yellow powder coat.
Fixing: Surface mount (4 bolt fixing points)
Sub-surface 330mm Depth.

CONTROLLER Drop Down Barrier Post is an effective deterrent to the unauthorised use of restricted spaces.

drop down posts

Strong construction.
• Hot dip galvanised for long life.
• Lockable by cylinder key or triangular key.
• Surface fix or sub-surface fix versions.
• Colour options available.

The CONTROLLER post can be supplied with red reflective bands, and chain eyes can be specified if required (please advise direction of tilt when ordering).
For the cylinder lock version please specify Model A and for the triangular key lock please specify Model B.

Sub-surface versions are set in concrete to depth of 330mm.

Driveways, car parks, restricted areas in industrial, private, commercial and public buildings etc.

Overall height (above ground): 1,000mm
Height – folded down: 78mm
Post: 70 x 70mm

Removable Barrier Post is ideal for integrating into Traffic Control systems or to provide an easy method of cordoning off areas that require vehicular access from time to time. For fully integrated Traffic Control the MINDER B can be used in conjunction with TRAFFIC-LINE Railing Systems and Barrier Posts, incorporating TRAFFIC-LINE Chains if required.

removable posts

Easily installed and removed.
• Hot Dip Galvanised for long service life.
• Simple, effective locking system.
• Sub-surface or Surface fixing.

Market places, car parks, garage entrances, forecourts etc.

Post Dimensions: 60mm, 76mm Dia. or 70 x 70mm Square.
Post Height: 1,000mm (above ground)
Sub-surface socket depth: 330mm.
Finishes: Zinc Grey, Red/White, Black/Yellow.
Triangular Key sold separately

Optional Extras:
Red reflective bands,
Chain eyes.

Controller Plus parking post.


The CONTROLLER-PLUS post is engineered to blend with and complement modern building style, but without sacrificing any of the security features of our range of parking posts.

The CONTROLLER-PLUS post is very easily operated – to lower simply unlock, give a gentle push, and the post reclines. To return to the upright position simply press the pedal located in the base, and it will rise and lock automatically.

Elegant, simple design.

Semi-automatic operation.

Natural anodised aluminium construction.

Mortise cylinder locking.

Keyed alike and individually keyed options.


Barriers and Bollards Shop

Barriers and Bollards Shop

A great range available including our InstaGate Barrier and Extendable Diamond Barrier, both are crowd control barriers that can be easily moved and deployed by one person. We also have smaller Metal Barriers as well as a Plastic Water Filled Barrier.

Barricade Barrier

Extended: 2523 x 300 x 830mm (WxDxH). 

Retracted: 140 x 300 x 830mm (WxDxH). 

Delivery in 3 working days.


Large Expanding Safety Barrier

Size: 4200 x 1700mm (WxH).

Weight: 23kg.

Delivery in 2-3 working days.


Plastic Expanding Barrier

Size: 2200 x 910mm (WxH).

Weight: 6kg.

Delivery in 2-3 working days.


Small Expanding Safety Barrier

Size: 2700 x 910mm (WxH).

Weight: 11kg.

Delivery in 2-3 working days.


Steel Expanding Barrier

Size: 2250 x 1230mm (WxH)

Weight: 10kg.

Delivery in 2-3 working days.


Plastic Expanding Safety Barrier

Size: 2100 x 1065mm (WxH)

Weight: 7kg.

Delivery in 2-3 working days.


Extendable Diamond Barrier

Available in Yellow.

Heights: 1.3m or 1.8m.

Extended Widths: 2.1m or 4.0m.

Please check for stock availability.


Instagate Barrier

2 sizes to choose from.

Linking Kits and Anchors Kits also available.

Delivery 2 working days.



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