Auditorium seating refers to the arrangement of chairs or seats in a large hall or auditorium, such as in a theatre, concert hall, or conference room. The goal of auditorium seating is to provide comfort, visibility, and accessibility to all members of the audience.

There are several types of auditorium seating arrangements, including:

  1. Traditional seating: This arrangement is a classic theatre-style layout, with rows of seats facing the stage or performance area. Each row is elevated above the one in front of it to improve visibility.

  2. Arena seating: This is a circular or semicircular arrangement of seats around a central stage or performance area. This type of seating is often used for sporting events or concerts.

  3. Classroom seating: This arrangement is common in lecture halls and conference rooms, with chairs or seats arranged in rows facing the front of the room.

  4. Banquet seating: This arrangement is used for events where guests will be seated at tables, such as dinners or weddings. Tables are usually arranged in a grid pattern, with chairs placed around them.

Arpa auditorium 06

When designing an auditorium seating plan, it's important to consider factors such as the size of the space, the type of event, and the number of attendees. The seating arrangement should provide clear sight lines to the stage or performance area, and ensure that every seat is comfortable and easily accessible.

We have three ranges of auditorium seating. Arpa, Lira and Prima as shown below.

Arpa Arena Seating

Arpa auditorium 01

Arpa's main feature is the all metal core, seat base and backs are all manufactured from steel offering strength and durability. The harp shaped arms allow this range of seating to stand out in the crowd.

Arpa auditorium 03

Lira Auditorium Seating

Lira auditorium 12


Lira is the factory's classic spectator seat. Taking austerity as the basic concept, the seat was painstakingly worked on to arrive at a faultless, uncontrived, functional design. The result is a timeless, unassuming seat with warm materials and a perfect finish.

Lira auditorium 07 

Prima Performance Seating

Prima auditorium 02

Prima. This exclusive, modern, highly comfortable seat designed by Francisco J. Mangado. Rigorously meets all the standards required for spaces of this kind and is totally adaptable:
Everything from adapting to the inclination of the floor to the possibility of being dismantled to permit disabled access.
All this with a truly stylish design. Each Prima component has been conceived with the most stringent noise absorption criteria in mind. 

Prima auditorium seating with lecture tables


Download or View the auditorium seating catalogue here. Contact us for various CAD drawings and technical specification sheets.


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