With such a wide range of Aluminium Sack Trucks, we can provide a safe way to unload and load goods in for a variety of applications. The aluminium sack truck offers a rust-free tool that is light and can carry between 50 and 350 kg, depending on your model choice.


Aluminium Stairclimber with Skids

Designed for a lightweight solution for carrying items up and down stairs.


  • Toe Plate Size: 395 x 460 mm
  • Mounted on 150 mm wheels on a '3' star system
  • Load Capacity as a sack truck: 150 kg
  • Load Capacity on stairs: 60 kg
  • Fitted with knuckle guard hand grips & wheel guards
  • Skids enable these stairclimbers to be loaded or unloaded horizontally or vertically
GI380Y Size W x D x H mm: 500 x 550 x 1180
Toe Plate Size W x D mm: 300 x 210
Load Capacity kg: 60 kg on stairs / 150 kg as truck


Heavy Duty Compact Aluminium Truck

GI043Y heavy duty compact truck

Three versions available:

The ORIGINAL super compact truck model GI033Y which is approved to the European GS Standard.

The MINI model GI025Y.

The HEAVY-DUTY version model GI043Y.


  • Unfold in seconds
  • Lightweight, simple to use & easy to carry
  • All units are of Aluminium construction
  • These units can be stored or transported in confined spaces making them ideal for deliveries
GI043Y Description: Heavy Duty Compact
Size W x D x H mm: 1255 x 620 x 600
Size when Folded H x W x D mm: 1010 x 595 x 97
Toe Plate Size W x D mm: 590 x 335
Wheels mm: 2 x 200
Load Capacity kg: 200


Aluminium Steps and Sack truck

FMS82Y step a trucks

This clever and lightweight sack truck can not only help you reach the boxes it can then help you convey them around!


  • Certified to EN 131
  • Versatile - neat and compact
  • Large toe plate & wide step treads
  • Load Capacity as Sack Truck: 60 kg
  • Load Capacity as Step Unit: 150 kg
  • Multi-purpose units, simple and easy to convert from steps to sack trucks
  • Easy to use foam rubber handle
  • Non-slip Plastic Treads
  • Toe Plate Size: 390 W x 280 D mm
  • Tread Size: 375 W x 210 D mm
  • Platform Size: 490 mm (FMS82Y) & 750 mm (FMS83Y)
FMS82Y No. of Treads / Platform Height: 2 / 490 mm
Size as Sack Truck W x D x H mm: 480 x 490 x 990
Size as Step Unit W x D x H mm: 470 x 530 x 920
Size when Folded H x W x D mm: 460 x 70 x 990
Load Capacity kg: 60
FMS83Y No. of Treads / Platform Height: 3 / 750 mm
Size as Sack Truck W x D x H mm: 490 x 450 x 1265
Size as Step Unit W x D x H mm: 470 x 735 x 1190
Size when Folded H x W x D mm: 470 x 90 x 1265
Load Capacity kg: 60


Aluminium Sack Truck with Large Folding Toe

GI991P aluminium sack truck with large folding toe

Some assembly is required and fitted with 260 x 85 mm pneumatic wheels ideal for bumps.

GI991P Size H x W mm: 1260 x 430
Toe Plate Size W x D mm: 440 x 140
Folded Toe Plate Size W x D mm: 300 x 500
Load Capacity kg: 200


Professional Heavy Duty Folding Aluminium Sack Truck

GI270H the pro heavy duty folding aluminium sack truck

Quick & easily folds for compact storage & transportation. The toe plate, wheels & handles fold into the sack truck with a simple move of the handles.


  • 2 x 200 mm puncture-proof Rubber wheels
  • Folding toe plate size - 310 W x 310 D mm
  • 3 to 5-day delivery
GI270H Size W x D x H mm: 480 x 520 x 1150
Size when Folded H x W x D mm: 435 x 145 x 1165
Load Capacity kg: 270


Very Compact Sack Truck

GI960Y compact sack truck

Some assembly required but super compact sack truck.


  • Manufactured to the recognised GS Standard
  • Aluminium frame with a folding steel toe plate
  • Easily folded to fit in your car / van boot
  • Easily carried & stored once folded
  • 2 x 150 mm solid rubber wheels
GI960Y Toe Plate Size W x D mm: 360 x 250
Size when Folded H x W x D mm: 412 x 190 x 715
Size W x D x H mm: 412 x 406 x 1090
Load Capacity kg: 90
Weight kg: 7
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