The Workshop workbench is a sturdy model that can withstand the heavy wear and tear of heavy industry. It is a good choice for workshops, automotive and other repair shops, maintenance units, and challenging environments in which chemicals or heavy loads are handled on a daily basis. Choose the modules that best meet your needs.

Optimising workstation functionality may prove difficult without well-chosen accessories that increase usability. With our free 3D Configurator, we can now configure a heavy-duty workstation according to your specific needs and requirements.

Also, keep in mind that even in the toughest working environments, you can:

• Make use of ergonomics to increase employee wellness, reduce workplace injuries, add speed and accuracy to operations, and increase output.
• Increase productivity through modularity and accessories.
• Implement LEAN / 5S philosophies by optimising workstation functionality.

Workshop benches are designed for the most demanding use and environments. Mechanical workshops, garages, machinery repair shops, maintenance units and heavy industry are
environments where robust furniture is an essential requirement to deal with heavy loads, strenuous use and chemicals.

Workshop benches are very durable and withstand the toughest conditions. Their robust frame and modular sizing gives flexibility to configure the workbench for your specific task and

UNIQUE: Widest range of accessories in the market for workshop benches!

workshop workbench for tools

Features for the Workshop Workbenches

• Four leg options: fixed, height adjustable, with castors and a drawer unit as a set of legs
• Five table top options: 1.5 mm steel top, 3 mm steel top, wooden multiplex, vinyl top with steel edges, vinyl top with plastic edges
Max load up to 750 kg
• Can be bolted to the floor for more stability
• Easily customised and configurable with a wide range of accessories.

Perforated panels and tool storage systems

perforated panels for workshop tools

Perforated panels and tool storage systems are efficient dividers of space and, at the same time, practical storage for tools and equipment. With panels & hooks, tool storage systems and industrial screens you have a place for each tool, and can maintain order and tidiness in your working environment.

It can be surprising how much time is spent looking for tools and other items if they are not stored systematically. Our comprehensive range of drawer units provide easy and efficient storage for tools and supplies.


UNIQUE: 2 m² floor space turned into 40 m² of storage space for 1000 kg of tools and equipment.


• Versatile fastening options from workbenches to walls, cabinets, trolleys, and industrial screens
• Practical and space-saving storage option
• Hooks with maximum load up to 10 kg
• 25 different hook models, over 50 different sizes

With such a range of options we have a brochure that you can download and keep and, for all your workbench requirements, contact Merlin Industrial Products.


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