Absorbency Products are one of the most cost-effective ways of containing and recovering spillages. Having the correct type of product on site will allow you to manage any potential workplace spillage.

Absorbency Products 400

Five quick response kits along with Refill kits available

GP (General Purpose) Maintenance Absorbents

maintenancel spills kit unit

Absorbs most industrial type fluids including non-aggressive chemicals manufactured from recycled material, these pads are both strong and highly absorbent.

Sorbents colour code Grey

OP (Oil Purpose)

Absorb oils while repelling water due to the hydrophobic material they are manufactured from. Strong polypropylene fibre content which resists tearing and disintegration.

Sorbents colour code White

CP (Chemical Purpose)

chemical absorbents featured

Concerning unidentified chemicals, these are capable of absorbing any spillage type. Manufactured from strong polypropylene material.

Product Code: emp_CS20-90

Price Excl.VAT: £61.10

- +


Ideal for containing and absorbing spilt or leaking liquids our chemical absorbent socks are colour coded yellow to highlight the fact that the incident involves chemicals or unknown substances that could pose a hazard to anyone in the area.


Product Code: emp_CP100-80

Price Excl.VAT: £63.70

- +


Yellow chemical aborbent pads are your best solution when working with chemicals or when you are unsure what the spilt/leaking liquid is. The bright yellow colour is a good visual warning to others clearly identifying the spill as hazardous. These pads are bonded and fitted with a cover-stock to provide excellent wear resistance and market leading tensile strength and are perforated to allow you to use as much or as little as you need depending on the application.


Product Code: emp_CS8-90

Price Excl.VAT: £61.10

- +


Our 3m long chemical absorbent socks are ideal for containing and absorbing liquid spills quickly, and because they can absorb most liquids they are ideal when you are unsure what the liquid is. The bright yellow colour acts as a visual indicator to others that the spill could be hazardous and caution should be taken.


Product Code: emp_CP200-120

Price Excl.VAT: £80.60

- +


Our chemical absorbent pads are the ideal solution when dealing with chemicals, or cleaning up any unknown spilt or leaking liquid. The yellow colour is a great visual indicator that the liquid could be harmful. Fitted with a cover-stock to provide strength the pads are also perforated to allow you to use as much or as little as is required to deal with any particular incident.  

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