90 Minute Fire Rated Cabinets are designed to protect the chemicals inside and allow emergency services plenty of time to attend and help staff and visitors to vacate the premises. The fire-resistant cabinets comply, and have been tested to EN 14470-1

Single Door 90 Minute Cabinets


Model 794+E

  • Shipping Dimensions; 2150 high x 1200 wide x 800 mm deep
  • Weight 287 kg
  • Ventilation; both inlet and outlet on the back wall of the cabinet
  • Single compartment
  • Supplied with 3 shelves (Load capacity 30 kg)
  • Self closing door
  • Manufactured in France
  • Designed for the storage of flammable liquids with built in sump




Model 795+E

  • External Dimensions; 1950 high x 1137 wide x 620 mm deep
  • Weight 453 kg
  • Ventilation; both inlet and outlet on the back wall of the cabinet
  • Single compartment
  • Supplied with 3 shelves (Load capacity 30 kg)
  • Self closing doors
  • Manufactured in France
  • Designed for the storage of flammable liquids with built-in sump

EN 14470-1 and 14470-2 EUROPEAN Standards;

The new European norm came into effect in October 2004 and concerns the storage of flammable products in laboratories. It also only concerns the safety cabinets that have an internal volume that is equivalent or less than 1 m3.


The new European norm 14470-2 came into effect in April 2006 and concerns the storage of gas cylinders in laboratories. It also only concerns the safety cabinets with a total internal volume less than 220 litres.

The Main Requirements of the standards are shown below.


In case of fire, the safety cabinet shall protect for at least 15 minutes that the contents of the cabinet do not contribute to any additional risks or spread of fire. A fire safety storage cabinet shall be classified as one of the types listed below :


All cabinets described on this page have succeeded a fire test according to EN 14770-1 (2004) or EN 14470-2 (2006) norms. These tests were conducted by an outside laboratory accredited by COFRAC.


A spill containment sump shall be installed underneath the lowest storage level. The sump shall have a minimum capacity of 10% of the volume of all containers stored in the cabinet, or at least, 110% of the volume of the largest single container, whichever is the greater.


The doors of the cabinet must be fully self-closing from any position. The side and back walls must be of the same thickness and comparable construction. Requirements are given in respect of the construction of the cabinet and its capacity to resist fire conditions from the outside (Fire test given in ISO 834-1 and EN 1363-1).


Cabinets must be fitted with its standardized pictograms in accordance with ISO 3864 :


Safety Cabinets must have air inlet and outlet as well as a thermo-fuse which seals off the ventilation system in case of fire. These could be used to connect a forced ventilation system. The air change must be at least 10 times the volume of the safety cabinet (doors closed).

Please find the full range of sizes available in the 90-minute flammable liquid storage safes here.

Hazardous chemical safes - 90 minutes 

hazardous chemical safes 90 minutes

Fire-resistant according to:
EN 14470-1 90 minutes Offers protection against fire for 90 minutes

Burglary resistant according to:
This item does not have a burglary resistant classification.

A chemical cabinet is necessary for anyone who works with hazardous substances.

  • 90 minutes fire-resistant according to EN 14470-1 and EN16121
  • Complies to PGS 15
  • With a cylinder lock (on each door 1 lock, 2 keys per lock included)
  • 30 mm thermo-expanding isolation seals which in case of temperature rise ensure a perfect cabinet sealing according to EN 14470-1
  • Air inlet and outlet with certified fire dampers closing ducts when the temperature exceeds 70 °C according to standard DIN 4102-6
  • Prearrangement for ventilation through a 100 mm diameter flange for an external connection or a filtering ventilation system (optional)
  • Closing and locking system of the doors, allowing keeping the doors opened and closing them automatically in case of ambient temperature higher than 50 °C
  • With levelling jacks
  • Model CSF239 has one door and the loading shelves can be loaded up to 60 kg per shelf
  • Model CSF232 has two doors and loading shelves can be loaded up to 80 kg per shelf
  • Each model includes 3 loading shelves and 1 bottom tray
  • ISO 3864: pictogram signalling
  • Colour: RAL 7035, light grey
Model External measurements h x w x d (mm) Internal measurements h x w x d (mm) Weight (kg) Capacity (litres)
CSF 239 1950 x 600 x 595 1540 x 446 x 496 209 351
CSF 232 1950 x 1200 x 595 1540 x 1095 x 496 349 836
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